Thursday, May 15, 2014

How about Warhammer 40K 7th Edition.......

How about nah. With all the goings on in the miniature and wargaming world it's hard to find something that latches on and just going through this blog and my friends blogs I found that we all have a sort of Wargamers ADD so I've decided for the rest of the year at least to limit myself to a few core games.

First things first what's that green garbage can doing shooting a steel fisted gorilla? Killing it that's what! Welcome to the world of Dust an alternative WW2 sci-fi-ish game with Walkers, Zombies, Suicide Zombies, Gorillas, Jet planes, Lasers, Phasers, Tesla weapons and all other kinds of awesome stuff! Dust currently has 2 different types of games Tactics and Warfare. Tactics is played on a paper map thingee with squares and reminds me of Hero Clicks. Warfare is played on a normal wargaming table but seems a bit too complicated for my liking.

Enter Battlefront, you know these guys they make that popular Flames of War game all the kids can afford, anyways Phil Yates is part man, part computer and is working (with the help of a few dashing playtesters and Damian) on something called Dust Battlefield something of an in between and really fun!

I like this game because I get to play with big tank walker robot thingees have Zombies and Heavily armored Laser troopers all in the same list. The mini's are fun to paint and now that I've used awesome man skills to fix both my airbrushes my walkers are going to look sweet. Also sneak peek WIP recon grenadier.

Please note: As much as I wanted to have Nazi Zombies it seems as though Dust has played the Red Alert card and Hitler is out of the way so no swastikas or Nazi Zombies although I'm sure regular Zombies are just as evil.


The Kiwi said...

Looks interesting.

daemion said...

I want more Dust updates from you, you lazy bugger