Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I recently picked up This is Not a Test by Joey McGuire available from World's End Publishing for $25 USD now asides from only being available on PDF (Not really a problem if you use a tablet or *ahem* works' printer) this is a really great skirmish game. 

The setting is a post apocalyptic Tri-State area of the United States the worlds gone to hell nuclear fire has consumed the lucky and changed the rest. You fight as one of the 6 Warbands trying to make their way in the Wastes with at least 10 differing warband members. You get to choose from a number of weapons from the simple fist up to the Laser Gatling gun. 

The play style is very similar to Necromunda but with D10 system also each Warband member rolls for their initiative and any time one fails the turn is passed to your opponent. All tests are passed against the models stats adding together any penalties or bonuses to the D10 roll. There are 6 separate scenarios and during those scenarios you can be effected by things like happening upon nest of Radscorpions or Undetonated munitions. 

Very Random and very fun if you've been looking to play Fallout on the tabletop this is the game for you head over to http://worldsendpublishing.com/ join the Facebook fan page here make sure you splash out the $25 get yourself a Gas Mask and get killing!