Sunday, October 27, 2013


Day 2 of FlamesCon and it's over for another year and I came somewhere near the bottom :P but on my downward spiral I caught sight of some other new things (the benefit of a quick game is all the mucking around time/angel of death I get to do between games) anyways stupid me forgot my camera but Greg was on hand with his i-Thingee and emailed me some pics.

Jets pew pew pew

And some more Real Estate including a really big Mosque looks like the coming months are going to be expensive!

Corrections: Yesterday I advised that the tanks and the crewmen were being made by the same place that does Perry mini's however it is just the crewman/commanders the tanks are made by a third party.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life in Plastic, it's fantastic!

So as some of you might know today Flamescon is being held in the Mt Eden memorial hall and as usual I'm doing a wildly mediocre job of driving tanks. However there's another reason why I go asides from getting to play with toy soldiers it's to get the goss on new and upcoming toys and releases. Unfortunately and NDA prevents me from telling you about upcoming books but these were on display to the general public.

I talked with one of the Battlefront staffers about the plastics and I'll write about that shortly but for now here's some pictures of the upcoming Fate of a Nation infantry.

Now onto the Plastics first of all they had these awesome schematics up at first I didn't understand them but apparently from each kit can form one of each of the variants shown i:e the Panther box can also make the Jagdpanther box. These aren't just plastic parts and resin but full plastic tanks.

 Now as an astute wargamer the first thing I asked about was the price on these and much like the all plastic M113's they will be cheaper than BF's current range however the staffer was unable to confirm if the boxes contained decals and magnets which would more than likely justify the price.

Also speaking of magnets the staffer informed me that the Panther/Jagdpanther box with care magnet placement can be interchanged so no more buying to boxes just click and go.

What do they look like in the flesh? Fucking amazing! They are made by the same place that does Perry Miniatures (not the place in China so I was informed) they're a hard plastic and the sprues are full of options pretty pictures with descriptions below.

T34 and T34/85 all Plastic
 Awesome Magnet holder so the turret sits flush

M3 Halftrack with plastic crew

The Halftrack sprue with the options for both M3 and M5 Halftracks

 The US crew for the Halftracks

The German crew for their halftracks which can been seen above in Schematics 

Here are the new tank commanders no I was told that these are not their final forms as these are a sort of master type thing but they still look really awesome.

I hope you've enjoyed the spoilers from FlamesCon 2013 hopefully tomorrow my dice are a little less poos. One other final thing is my blog will soon be getting guest writers and painters with their own articles, content and tutorials so stay tuned.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Work in Progress

16 Days til FlamesCon and I'm the most ready I've every been here are my works in progress.....

Bit of work to do but I'm sure it'll be done before the day.....maybe. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

FlamesCon GET IT ON!

It's that time of the year again folks and this year I've gone with another fluffy list. I could've been a prick and taken Panters or KingTigers but I didn't. Why? Because I'm awesome. 

I go to FlamesCon with the best intentions to play to win and crush my enemies but the real reason I go is because is because it gives me a chance to catch up with my friends and make fun of the people we don't like. There's also the chance to show off my painted to soldiers and maybe get some future business. I also get to hear about upcoming releases and chances to play the side games. I will of course take my lil Camera with me so I can take pictures to give to the world.

If you're in the Auckland area I'd suggest popping along 99% (there's always a couple of tools in every hobby)of gamers are friendly plus the developers and writers are there so you could find out if this game is for you.

Anyways my fluffy list as below 1500 Points Kampfgrumpe Pieper

HQ 2 x Panzer IV

4 x Panzer IV

4 x Panzer IV

Full Platoon of Panzergrenadiers with Fausts

4 x Heavy Mortars

3 x Pumas

2 x 3.7mm Ostwinds

Sporatic Me 262 Surmvogel