Friday, December 11, 2009

2009 The End

Wow that year went fast but it did not slow me down during the course of the year I've painted a Hungarian Tank company, US Armoured Rifle Company, SS Panzer Company, Stug Battery and to finish off the year two commissions a DAK Panzer Kompanie and Australian Div. Cav and a Grant Company for myself.

Should be an exciting year next year with Early War coming out the new East Front book crazy army ideas other games and bloody video games ahhh lifes awesome...

Friday, September 4, 2009

2nd SS Good to go!

Well it's been forever since I've blogged but here is my latest commission completed a 2nd SS Panzer Company.

The New Panzer Kanon (Filling in for Barkmann)

Panther D's trying to be Panther A's

Fallschirmjager Support

Luftwaffe 88's
Panzer IVH
Group shots

Commissions Available

Monday, July 13, 2009


Firestorm round two, fight!

Yes the Soviet swine have been pushed back and all thanks to 4 Stugs that's right we played breakthough and all I got was 4 measly Stugs and they were up against 10 t34's 5 of them the 85 models and 4 KV-85 and limited Stormovics.

I held out until 4 Horniss appeared and cleaned up the big tanks but cudos go to the 4 very lucky Stugs taking out 10 t34s for no loss.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I played my first round in a Firestorm campaign yesterday I took my list from Stalins Onslaught I stomped on and mercilessly crushed into dust.

Gavin and I played encounter and he had something along the lines of 15 t34/85 with Dedov and 6 IS-2 and to top it all off bonus air support needless to say my Nashorns couldn't bail an IS to save themselves and the tigers got wiped out by air, at least the Stugs hung in there. Maybe next time eh? The list i used is below.

HQ Stug w/Bieglets

3 Stugs w/Bieglets

3 Stugs w/Bieglets

3 Panzerwefer 42 w/loading crew

2 Nashorns

2 Tigers

And 2 firestorm support troops consisting of 2 Tigers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unique Objective

Well the Hungarians sucked the big Kumara at the GT but hey I went for fun not prizes and glory. Anyways we all got a unique objective and for some reason it lacked a certain je ne sais quoiso I added her...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Interesting find...

I was travelling the tubes as I do looking for wargaming bargins, plans ideas etc etc and I happened apon a site I visited many moons ago. Back when I first visited there wasn't much there however it seems to have a lot of that good stuff it also has discounted Warhammer and free freight on orders over $75.00NZD. I'm going to go over to Tabletop Terrain and point this find out. You'll also find Imperial Games has wide range of Warhammer, Terrain, CnC'ed thingies at decent prices. I'd like to see a bit more 15mm terrain but that's just me enjoy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


And like that 1500 points of Hungarians are completed pictures will go up later on promises.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here comes the smoke

Yay the guns are done took a while but they are done only 16 tanks to go :sigh:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Curse the gods, I've calculated up wrong this list works out to be 1510 damn damn damn oh well drop one Marder and pick up some armoured cars /cry.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hungarian Update

Sorry all no pics at present but 5 more Panzer 38t's are on the way but so far assembled I have 4 38t's, 2 Nimrods, 4 German Allied Marders and 4 80mm Arrtillery pieces.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Road To War

Over at the Battle Front website Wayne has posted his list and started a Road to The Mid War GT semi blog thingy I to thought this should serve as suffecient motivation to have my Hungarian painted and ready for the NZGT I will be slowly adding these bad boys to my blog as I progress but here is the list...

Hq 2x 38t
5 x 38t
5 x 38t
2x Nimrods
4 German Marders
and the 75mm Artillery for smokey godness

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Madness

ARRrrrghhH!!! A modelling and wargaming malaise has decended apon me I find myself suckered into a deal which turned out to be more bullshit than a deal. Vagabonds in Auckland stated that if you purchase $300 worth of Warhammer you will get $500 worth of Wahammer 40K I thought to myself this is madness, un-economical in this recession crazed time. So I asked the wee man manning the stand at Aucklands' only wargaming convention Battlecry and Myself and two other keen friends asked if we could do this in store thus avoiding the whole waiting on the internet (The offer stated it was online only but I want toys now now now) he said yes. Excellent I thought to myself then we came back and asked the wee man if it could be any 40k of our choice (not wanting to end up with $500 worth of Dark Eldar) once again the answer was yes.

A deal too good to true that day me a two friends set fourth to cash in on this deal apon entering the store we went about purising the shelves building up $300 dollars worth of Warhammer. Then we though why not consult the other wee man behind the counter just incase he was unaware of the deal. Well not only was new wee man unaware of the actual deal but he also stated it was an internet only deal, awwww WTF I've never seen 3 grown men do the sad pouty face, anyways after a few moments of sadfaces he called over another wee man whom I can assume was the boss. We explained how the original wee man had promised us the world blah blah story above anyways after a while the boss relented and said he'd do the deal in store sweet we though at this stage one of my friends already pulled out as they didn't stock enough of what he wanted. We made our purchases and rubbed our hands greedly preparing to recieve our choice of $1000 worth of 40K to which we were thwarted when we were told that we would be getting 2 boxes from the assault on black reach box set , which as the boss man stated "Contains $500 worth of Warhammer", WTF if contains rubbish two piece click together crap bah f**k this sh*t, typical BS promised the world by a pleb and shot down by the owner. I no longer shop at Vagabonds and if you need Warhammer sruff I suggest you use Scrap Dragon there in the links and Model Air for your flames of war needs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Panic! Don't Panic!

Here's the first of 3 miniatures that I'll be using in my gaming groups pulp campaign.

Miniatures are by Foundry Miniatures.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inks and washes

After spending years trying to come up with the right formula for a magic wash it seems Games Workshop have come up with a fantastic range of washes these not only work well on 28mm but do just as good on 15mm the colours available are Asurmen Blue, Baal Red, Badab Black, Devlan Mud, Leviathan Purple, Ogryn Flesh, Gryphonne Sepia and Thraka Green.

Although you'll probably only going to need a couple of colours for WW2 miniatures like Badab Black (Creates a dark grey colour) and Devlan Mud (a deep brown suitable for desert or light colured vehicles) .

Even if you're not a fan of GW definately give these wash a go money well spent much better than playing Alchemist at home trying to mix up the right magic wash.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Comissioner

Hey all long time no post I've managed to scrape together some time so now I'm available for commissions everything from 28mm all the way down to 6mm the choice is yours I'll put some pictures up of previous work. Prices to be announced or dependant on the job.