Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heavy Boots of lead!

Well the last of my shipments arrived last night and there is alot of junk I'm going to be epicly busy painting swiss I'm gonna go crazy and major kudo's to Khurasan miniatures your minis are some of the best looking most dynamic 15's I've every seen. The rest of the order is Old Glory 15's as i found Khurasan after I placed my order /cry. Anyways I've got a lot of painting to do pics soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minatures review

From time to time I get carried away with hobbies everything from Victory at Sea to Necromuda and usually I thow a link into my blogroll or Stores and shops section without actually telling you anything about them well it's time to start reviewing.......

First up is Khurasan Miniatures a recent foray into Field of Glory and purchase of a zillion Swiss halberdier's unfortunately I'd already ordered them from However I needed HQ units and Khurasan delivered...

They also do a wide range of uncommon historical ranges, sci-fi and fantasy ranges. They maybe a little more pricey than others but that's what quality miniatures demand.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy, busy Boy

Hi everyone,

No real news here just being my regular self and working on 1000 projects at once so far I've started the German T-34 Company below only to find it's flaws (not enough tanks). Gained a side interest in Field of Glory so been trying to play the Di Vinici code with the rules. Made a promise to attend NiCon, Royal Oak Represent, but after many hours of pondering I've decided that I will take Panzer brigade 150.....More to come about this super secret project later.