Monday, January 11, 2010

The SS T-34 that almost didn't happen

Ever since the Flames of War book Hitlers Fire Brigade, I've wanted to run the captured T-34 company in there a couple of things stopped me 1: The points cost twas waaaaaaaay to expensive and 2: These tanks were part of the Waffen SS but weren't rated as such.

Now with the release of Battlefronts East Front book the T-34 Company is ready to destroy it's previous owners.

However this is the tale of how mine almost never happened I had hand painted the tank russian green then added splotches of Khaki grey after my Dunklgrab colour turned out so bad I almost scrapped the whole project but though "No, I can fix this" so out with my trusty Tamiya Sprayworks and tamiya German yellow a little more tamiya pigments (similar to that Mig wash stuff), also if I say Tamiya 3 more times they'll send me a free tank lol,and now I present you the results.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Some of the guys over at tabletop terain were discussing the game Legends of the Old West after themselves playing a bit of gutshot they developed a Cowboy fetish. Announcing 2010 Year of the Cowboy proptly followed by hours of playing with each other on the X-Box. As I don't have an x-box I managed to paint up some cowboys. The mini's are from Wargames Foundry Wild West range.