Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bad Things Happen

I've recently discovered Malifaux it's a Victorian, Western, Horror & Steampunk game instead of dice it uses cards I find it more relaxing than trying to dick over your opponent with rules ala Warmachine. It's less expensive than most other games as you only require a gang I think I've spent $50 so far and have what I need.

I'd recommended this game to anyone looking for a fun skirmish game I learned most of the rules between having my ass handed to me playing Flames of War.

I've chosen the Witch hunters pack to start with and I'm just taking mt time with them.


The Colour Kiwi said...

nice work mate.

Makke said...

Malifaux seems like a cool game, some guys at the local club has gotten in to it and I am reading up on the rules and fluff at the moment so I guess I'll join them too :)
Nice painting!

Rob from Painted Addiction said...

Nice, must be time for my Neverborn tot's to tear you apart. :-)