Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flames of War V3

Having been part of the playtesting group that helped make this I feel proud to tell you that is the best version so far. There is nothing I do not like about and has taken me back to one of my favourite things, list noodling!, the only downside to this book is that if you didn't get the free mini one you'll have to wait until March to get the full set.

Not to worry though the game itself hasn't changed it's still grown men gathered around a table making tank noises and artillery whistles they've just taken all the dumb stuff out added some awesome easy to follow graphics. For new players and old players alike this, I think, will bring more players to the game.


The Kiwi said...

Played our first V3 game a few hours ago and we really liked it. Seemed a lot less fuzzy and clearer to us overall in those tricky situations. New Air Support rules...a helluva lot quicker.
It has just made a great game even better.