Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Review Time

Hi again everyone! Who was that angry guy in July? Crazy anyways let  move onto some positvive happy stuff. Things that make our toys look awesome and can enhance our battlefield. I saw on Battlefronts site that they were releasing Chain, Barbed Wire (15mm & 28mm Scale) and Cable I found these 3 in Vagabonds in town today during lunch and thought they be just what I and you the reader needed.

First up Iron chain 1.5mm chain there's 2 meters of it so it'll last forever any self respecting Warmachine players going to want to pick up a set of these that and anyone who wants to or needs chain. A trick that can be done with chain is shaping it by super glueing individual links and hitting them with GF9 Rapid Cure having the chain set up in a dynamic pose.
Chain Fist

Next up is Barbed Wire (FOW) this is set up for flames of war and suits the theme the way of making more realistic looking barbed wire is time consuming and a little stabby it comes on the same spool however there is 8 meters of it (that's 400 yards in imperial probabally). Overall a handy product if you need to shore up some defences.
Finally we have Iron Cable 1.0mm once again it's 2 meters now I had to hold this in front of the mini as it has a tendancy to unreel itself. However this is braided cable great for tow cables on tanks and also power cording on robot death machine things. This product probablly won't be the most popular but it has it's uses.

If you like any of the products shown here be sure to use the Wayland Games link at the top of the page and get yourself a few sets.