Saturday, October 6, 2012

50 shades of panzer grey

Hello again readers and than you for popping by and having a read and a looksee you're probably wondering "Hey WTF happened to Daniel, he used to blog a lot and now it's just the same shit and no new pictures!"

Well first off I apologise yes I have been tardy with my updates. However this does not mean I've stopped painting and playing ,goodness no, if anything my wargaming and hobby mind has been expanded it was like I took the red pill and it's been pretty fucken awesome.

 Since I've been gone I've helped start a wargaming club in here in West Auckland known as T.C.O.W (That Club out West aka Those cunts out West) it's been running quite successfully for about 3-4 months now, if you live in West Auckland and want to show up or join just let me know.

Now with great gaming club comes new games and I have played and seen a few Zombiecide, Super Dungeon Explore, X-Wing, Malifaux, Song of Blades and Heros, Warmahine, New 40K and some more Flames of War.

Next thing we needed was a forum for all this awesome shit Facebook is a great tool but it's not as good as a nice organised forum turns out the folks here forgot who actually owned it long boring story short, didn't like what they were doing and is turning it into a generic NZ or Auckland wargaming site, so lots of cool stuff going to happen there.

I also got a promotion and although I never let work interfere with play I have been tired as my underlings are a tad shit and half them don't show up not to worry there's always someone who will work harder for less.

"But Dan all we see is a wall of text whatcha painting?" Well I was on the verge of finishing a commission for a nice gentleman in Australia had a few decals to slip on and little touch ups on some planes when all of a sudden I couldn't find the first platoon of brit infantry I painted. So I've conceded and brought another blister fortunately I paint Infantry pretty quickly but I HATE LOSING SHIT!

I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff I've missed out on oh yea yes I filled in for Damian in a game of 40K in a biggish tourney it was the first time in 15 years that I'd played and my opponents weren't even born then I CRUSHED THEM here's some pics of the crushing the children (doubles tourney) apparently seizing the initiative gives you the first turn or something..
That robot machine spent the rest of the game facing that wall. Y'all wanna see my painting desk?
RAAAAAW Red things anyways that's enough for now stay frosty people.