Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hugh Quality Brushes

Need better brushes?

So you've always wanted some of those fancy kolinsky sable hair brushes but seen the prices and though "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that" meanwhile you're paint jobs suffer you know you can do better but it's the brushes right?  Now you all know me, well not really, I wouldn't endorse something if it wasn't worth your time and money.

Chris over at told me about a Kickstarter campaign ,if you don't know what Kickstarter is it's basically crowd funding you come up with idea, you pitch idea to the masses, they give you promise of money, reach and/or exceed funding expectations and product is created the Kickstarter folks, usually, get theirs before anyone else along with all the freebies.

Anyways this particular Kickstarter is offering 5 double sided  kolinsky sable brushes for 15 pounds or $30nzd now that's 10 brushes (technically) for $30 dollars that's $3 a brush ,insanity!, However i might go for the 40 pound/ $80 set. The campaign has 20 days left and the shipping is free to most parts of the world I'm going to put some money into it how about you?


Anonymous said...

Are Games & Gears Kickstarter Brushes ordered from China??

Just wondering if the brushes that are being offered on Games & Gears Kickstarter project are ordered from China?

Can somebody let me know please?

KingDanNZ said...

Could well be but if you order from Alibaba you have to order in bulk and you also run the risk of having to deal with some potentially dodgy Chinamen whom you have no way to reclaim money from.