Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Product review AK Interactive

Hello again everyone! Like most of you I strive to become a better painter and will use any and all available techniques available weather it's the salt and hairspray technique or home made oil washes the problem  being that these techniques are mostly guess work and hairspray can do all kinds of nasty things to an airbrush.

 Imagine my surprise when Modelair (http://www.modelair.co.nz/ ) said they were going to stock AK Interactive they posted it on a Monday morning on their Facebook and I was there by 1 (Also not having to work that day was good) I picked up some of the enamel washes a couple of weathering pigments the heavy acrylic chipping fluid and a few track colours in their airbrush range.

What I was most excited about was the rust streaks and fuel stains set because they're enamel they have a long working time but not as long as oils and this is a good thing because I am very impatient I've also experimented with their Dust Effects and they look pretty good just remember to gloss varnish first.
Now the above took about 20 minutes to do it would probably look better once varnished and decalled and all the little bits tidied up on it. Now for the rust and fuel streaks and stains I've used a Forgeworld Comtemptor Dreadnought for this.

There are over 100 options in the AK range and anything that doesn't make my office smell like a meth lab is a win, win!