Friday, December 26, 2014

God Wills it PART 2

So over the course of threeish weeks I've completed my 6 point Saga Warband. I hand painted the Crossbowmen and Foot Warriors and Hearthguard on foot but after painting that much white you hit a wall. So the knights and hearthguard on horse were all done with my airbrush and it saved soooo much time.

My List is made from the Crusaders list in the Saga book Crescent and Cross which also has the Saga rules within it too it makes it a very cost effective book and it tidies up some of the issues in the previous rule books.

My list consists of:
4 Knights on Foot
4 Knights on Foot 
8 Warriors on Foot
8 Warriors on Foot w/ Crossbows
4 Knights on Horse
8 Warriors on Horse

You may have also noticed a theme throughout the list :P there's a few small things that need finishing like varnishing and big flag for the Warrior horse guy.

All the mini's were from Fireforge Games but purchased from Wayland games for cheap this whole list came out of 2 boxes and one old Warhammer figure.


Paul Waechter said...

Very nice! There are some great poses there, and those lances look dangerous :-)