Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bolt Action is a GO!!!

Recently I gave Bolt Action a go and tell you what it's what I've been looking for in 28mm at first I was hesitant to get into another WW2 game, what with the thousands of dollars of un-assembled Flames of war Miniatures, however I had a demo game and I fell in love...

If you still like 28mm but are sick of 40K this is a very good replacement it's play is pretty balanced and because there's no I go, you go system just dice pulled from a bag determining who goes next and an easy to understand rules system makes this a whole lot of fun and while you're having this fun you'll also note it's very tactical.

Now what army to choose at first I was going to do Commandos or regular British but I though hrrrmm I've got all those in 15mm and I'd feel bad for starting over in 28mm, it's weird I know, then I had a eureka moment and came to the decision to use US Marines and 750 points later I haven't looked back I've even painted something for it...

Semper Fi ladies and gentlemen see you on the Battlefield and thanks to the folks over at Warlord Games and the strong New Zealand Bolt action scene.