Sunday, September 20, 2015

King Of War V2

Woohoo my kickstarter arrived, and  on time, I've had a read of the rules and to me everything seems similar to the first version except all those things people didn't like, getting charged in the rear by a flying unit and spending 2 turns to face only to have them fly off and recharge you in the rare again!.

Now my Kickstarter arrived and so did 2 other Rulebooks I thought I decided against ordering them due to the shipping but they were included so I got all of the above and 2 additional rulebooks I gave one to a friend and I'm going to give one away on the Behind Enemy Lines podcast. 

So a new version comes along and if you're a Warhammer player you're probably wondering whats been written out, what have GW forgotten or who's been nerfed etc.

 Well above you there (minus my Necromancer) is my old 1000 point list also in the same picture is my 1000 V2 list throughout the changes and  balances I lost 10 points this meant my Necromancer didn't get his artifact the made the enemy deploy additional units rather than the I go you go, no biggy it's never really helped.

So how does it play under V2 well just like V1 but with all the things you hated gone. I had a game against a Warhammer refugee and he absolutely loved it even though I won and what makes the game even cooler is now they have lists for all the Warhammer races so if you're a Beastmen fan you can use the Herd, Skaven fans use the Ratkin the lists keep going on, oh and here are all the lists . So far it's a great game and because of it's fortunate timing with AOS coming out it's become very popular. Now I'm just waiting for their sci-fi game Warpath to see if that's worth picking up.


The Kiwi said...

Got mine as well now. Yeah. A great game just got better.