Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Madness

ARRrrrghhH!!! A modelling and wargaming malaise has decended apon me I find myself suckered into a deal which turned out to be more bullshit than a deal. Vagabonds in Auckland stated that if you purchase $300 worth of Warhammer you will get $500 worth of Wahammer 40K I thought to myself this is madness, un-economical in this recession crazed time. So I asked the wee man manning the stand at Aucklands' only wargaming convention Battlecry and Myself and two other keen friends asked if we could do this in store thus avoiding the whole waiting on the internet (The offer stated it was online only but I want toys now now now) he said yes. Excellent I thought to myself then we came back and asked the wee man if it could be any 40k of our choice (not wanting to end up with $500 worth of Dark Eldar) once again the answer was yes.

A deal too good to true that day me a two friends set fourth to cash in on this deal apon entering the store we went about purising the shelves building up $300 dollars worth of Warhammer. Then we though why not consult the other wee man behind the counter just incase he was unaware of the deal. Well not only was new wee man unaware of the actual deal but he also stated it was an internet only deal, awwww WTF I've never seen 3 grown men do the sad pouty face, anyways after a few moments of sadfaces he called over another wee man whom I can assume was the boss. We explained how the original wee man had promised us the world blah blah story above anyways after a while the boss relented and said he'd do the deal in store sweet we though at this stage one of my friends already pulled out as they didn't stock enough of what he wanted. We made our purchases and rubbed our hands greedly preparing to recieve our choice of $1000 worth of 40K to which we were thwarted when we were told that we would be getting 2 boxes from the assault on black reach box set , which as the boss man stated "Contains $500 worth of Warhammer", WTF if contains rubbish two piece click together crap bah f**k this sh*t, typical BS promised the world by a pleb and shot down by the owner. I no longer shop at Vagabonds and if you need Warhammer sruff I suggest you use Scrap Dragon there in the links and Model Air for your flames of war needs.


Jonathan said...

Vagabonds sucks - haven't been there for years. I use Model Air or King of Cards for my FOW stuff.

nodnol said...

ha ha ha ha Dan got Pwned

Stuart said...

I concur, Vagabonds does suck. I haven't bought anything from them for years either. The staff at ModelAir are much more friendly, and their FOW range is much better too.