Sunday, May 13, 2012


The lazy blogger stikes again! So in recent weeks I've benn busy painting things for you my wonderful viewers to paruse but then the devil got a hold of me and I have been playing waaaaay too much Battlefield 3.

Fortunately for me and you I've slowed down to get important painting jobs out the way. I've also go my brother-in-law working on a paint rack which will hold about 70+ Vallejo droppers once completed I'll post pics once completed and if you like it you can buy one not sure how much or if he's going to go beyond the 1 but hey it's worth a try.

Anyways Battlefront is upto the Buldge series of books they've just released Blood, Guts & Glory, Tank Battles in the Lorraine. So this is on the way to Bastogne and the rest of the Ardennes hopefully we can look forward to some paratrooper action and my favourite Panzerbrigade 150. I've already made 3 Panthers/M10's and hopefully something like this will be in a book.