Thursday, May 31, 2012

A question for you, the reader.

Hey all Dan here with a short blog update nothing flash but with a question for you the readers. If I was going to sell stuff/things/hobby related stuffs what would you like to see from me? Tell me what you'd like to be able to purchase from my blog be it fully painted armies, basing material, brushes or whatever tell me in the comments below.

I can ship pretty much anywhere in the world however some countries might be a bit iffy postal service wise, you know where you are, so put your answer in the comments below. Also if you want a quote to have something painted drop me a line at I've almost finished a very large set of jobs so I maybe able to accomodate you.


The Kiwi said...

Saga Viking dice. :)
I can't get a hold of them from anywhere. I paint all my stuff so I don't buy painted models.