Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Warhammer 40K Rulebook

So I hear all this noise about the above book mostly it's NZ price tag of $146 to which would be justified if it came in a box filled with toys but it doesn't. I thought I've give 40K another chance I haven't played a game since the 1998.

This was going to be like seeing that good friend you hadn't seen since high school sure he'd gotten more corporate and and wasn't as fun anymore but hey it was still him. As a wargamer it is my solem right not to pay full price and I didn't I wandered into the new Vagabonds located out the back of the building I work in and paid $99 for it a "bargin" so they tell me.

I thought to myself this is a hefty tome full of rules and handy diagrams but alas twas not to be 432 pages long 131 of them are rules the rest is fluff and pictures of toys I guess Games Workshop needs to get new blood into the hobby so 300 pages of stories and pretty pictures might do it.

I read the rules in a night with my friend Damian advising me on what meant what and what changed since the last version and crazy stuff I hadn't heard about (I played Version 3 only). It's a very straight forward move, shoot, assault game as it always was.

Dare I paint an army???


The Kiwi said...

Nah! Consider Warpath. It has space dwarfs........and it is a lot cheaper.