Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rubber Shoes in Motion

Here is my test mini for a Khador army I'm working on. The head and arms are all magnatised so that once painted I can load out the 3 different Khador Jack options as they are all based on a standard chassis.

The paint job only took about 5 hours in total. Originally I had airbrushed it with Tamiya Red and then added German Grey to the mix although the red tones where nice I wasn't happy so I decided I want to a winter wash Khador the kind that's been in the field for 3 months and things are just plain muck and rust.

After the now dull red was applied I ran some hairspray through my airbrush and sprinkled salt over the parts I wanted to remove. Painted it white and removed the salt as per the below videos and used Vallejo and some Mig weathering pigments to enhance the worn rusty and the base was made with the soon to be released 28mm Hero Basing kit, KingDans Snow and KingDans Just Sand. I hope these videos help you out. As usual support Wayland games using the link above and don't forget about the chair fund it has a total of zero dollars so far and I may soon be forced to purchase my own :(