Friday, May 3, 2013

Flames of Six Day War

We can now resume normal programming: After taking some time away from blogging (mostly laziness) I'm back and here's the start of my friends Eygptians for the 1967 6 Day War. Although there are no rules yet I'm sure with the gratuitous tanks battles and sheer amount of equipment Battlefront will more than likely kickstart this badboy.

 Not being a fan of Vietnam the next best thing was the middle-east and the Arab states attempt to capture Israel they tried this 3 seprate times but failed  in all attempts and as every good general knows when you have your balls to the wall you're going to fight harder.

How'd I make these I hear you ask (and yes the keyboard is old and no I won't clean it) well my friend gave me a bunch of Battlefront Vietnamese figures and some Soviet mortar loaders. I used my trusty Gale Force 9 sprue cutters to grip and twist the Vietnamese heads off then cut a deep V around the Soviet heads then leveled them off for and awesome headswap.

The paintjob uses mostly Khaki and Green Grey for the webbing and of course Russian Green for the helmet all in all a quick mini to paint.