Sunday, May 19, 2013


So as you've probably seen I like to paint miniatures, I also like money so I'd like to offer you my skill with paint and air brush. Below is my price list it includes basing, varnishing and decalling (Shipping depends on where you live). I'm fully GST registered and will be taxed (in case you were wondering) and can provide receipts if requested on completion of the job. I mainly concentrate on Flames or War but I can do 28mm Warhammer/Warmachine etc. Below are the prices I charge (All prices are in NZD for exchange conversion.

Examples of my work

FOW Infantry figure $4.50 (SS Camo $5.00)

FOW Transport, Halftrack, Tankette or Armoured Car $20.00

FOW Tank $30

FOW Heavy Tank $35

FOW Artillery $10 (Crew comes under infantry)

FOW Gun Teams $10 (Crew comes under infantry) Mortars & HMG's are free and I only charge for the crew.

FOW Planes $35

28mm Figures $35

28mm Vehicles $60 (Rhino/Leman Russ/Warjack)

28mm Heavy Vehicles/Fliers $80 (Land Raiders/Valkyries/Gargantuan)

If you'd like a quote please email me