Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kings of War

Another game I've been sold on is Kings of War. I always wanted to get into Warhammer Fantasy but the price and the rules and the 4+ hours for a game kept me away. Then I saw Beasts of War were doing a Kings of War demo and it honestly seems pretty fast and fun.

From what I've seen it looks as though you don't remove individual mini's but when the unit fails a test the whole thing is gone and that your opponent does all the rolling (no saves etc) this cuts down on time. Secondly the price for $87 NZD I have a starter army and for about $25 - $30 I can add on extra boxes of goblins, zombies or whatever. This is definitely something for 2014.  


The Kiwi said...

It's an excellent game.
I highly recommend it.