Monday, December 23, 2013

Brace yourselves, Winter is Coming

Winter worn tutorial time!

Here we go folks it may be summer where I am but it's winter somewhere and my Tiger needs to look the part....

Step One: Paint your tank as you normally maybe a quick in wash and do the details doesn't have to be fancy I just use 4 layers cos I'm crazy once done give it a coat of satin varnish.

Step Two: I use AK Interactive because it's trendy, new and smells slightly better than oils. Anyways coat your tank in the Worn Effects (this essentially replaces the the hairspray technique).

Step Three: A light coat of white just enough to cover the tank (remember we're going for a worn look) At this point it's worth noting that I forgot to decal the tank don't forget to do this. Leave this to dry and get a glass of warm water.

Step Four: Warm water and old brush attack the tank go for the parts that would get worn down the  quickest where crew would get in and out and where trees and bushes would scrape against the hull. Once done I gave it another round of Satin Varnish.

Step Five: Remember to take pictures if you're doing a tutorial!!!! What I did here was go around the tank with AK Interactive Rust and Winter Grime just blotting or putting little stripes on here and there but you can't see that due to the lack of pictures.

Step Six: Get out that thinner and start dragging it down if you've used too much of the wash just keep at it with the thinner drag it down, wipe it off. Don't go overboard on the thinner less is more you want the brush damp with thinner not soaking. 

Well that's it hope you enjoyed the tutorial lemme know what you think.