Saturday, February 1, 2014

DanCon 2014

So I tried my hand at running a Flames of War Tourney and it went very well you can read more about it here overall I had fun running it and there was not issues with scoring or any other problems.

This tournament was, however, different to your normal everyday tournament. Players had 7 days to decide if they we coming and what list to bring and it was on a MONDAY (it's ok it was a public holiday).

I also managed sponsorship from Slave to Painting and Mighty Ape for which I am extremely grateful for.

This was a 3 round, 12 player hardman VP only tourney everything went down smoothly and I hope to run another next year.

The placings

1st Place: Rob Sadler 17 points
2nd Place: Steven MacLauchlan 14 points
3rd Place: Surf 13 points
4th Equal: Andrew Andrew Paul Haught & Steve Eyles 12 points
5th Place: Ryan Jeffares 11 points 
6th Place: Patrick 10 points
7th Place: Mike Haught 9 points
8th Place: Wayne Arthur Turner 8 points
9th Equal: Damian Reid , Greg Lockton and Blair Ramsdale 6 points 17 points

Anyways y'all came for the eye candy....