Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zero Dark Thirty

One of the reasons I go "dark" as it were for and extended amount of time is that I'm usually busy painting something. In this case I was painting 1000 point Undead Kings of War force and I tell after my first game I was hooked and by the looks of the Fantasy players next to us we may have made a few additional converts.

Results Were (and if I can remember armies)

Regan Winner with Elves
Jed 2nd with Orcs
Francis 3rd with Undead
Me 4th with Undead
Damian 5th and best sports with Ogres
And Last place but best painted Monkey with Abysmals Abyssals

Last weekend was the annual Battlecry convention and on the Sunday we had New Zealands first Kings of War tournament. Most of us already knew each other and are part of the same club. I came 4th with one win, 2 draws and 2 losses. My favorite part of the day was that there were 0 arguments about rules except where the Ogre player tried to explode his suicide cart in the wrong phase , Damian was a sad, sad panda.

Now if you're thinking about getting into a big battles fantasy game Kings Of War is the way to go. The rules are free on Mantics website you can build your army list here http://kow.easyarmy.com/ and because it's all on one big base you can use unit fillers like a boss!

Anyways a big thank you to Mighty Ape for sponsorship and David Grieg from Mighty Ape for the picture dump below ,I forgot my camera :(



The Kiwi said...

I couldn't agree more on how good a game Kings of War is. Best game system for a long time.