Friday, March 21, 2014

Making Money from your hobby

So you wanna make some money? There's this old saying "If you're good at something, don't do it for free."
Painting mini's as a hobby is fun but it's an expensive hobby but you can supplement this through painting for others.

As you may or may not know I am a commission painter I make a bit of money here and there and I consider myself an above average artist. Below are some hints and tips to help you get started.

This comes at a cost firstly those toys you painted and made look super awesome they're not yours and you have to let them go.

Next up is a deadline, fail to meet this and you will lose business.

Finally your tools and this is very important you're going to have to invest in quality brushes, paints and maybe even an airbrush so far I've broken 3 airbrushes including my Sotar 20/20 somehow :(

One piece of advice is not  to undersell yourself if you're charging $50 a tank and you think your work is worth $50 a tank stick to your guns maybe be flexible with a big job but don't devalue your work.

 Have credentials? Show it off! Previous work, awards or published work *cough*Hellfire & Back*cough*

Experiment, learn and use new an different techniques discovering AK Interactive washes is one of the best things I ever did.

Get a Paypal account it's essential if you do international work.

Finally don't let the work consume or overwhelm you, right now I have a whole gaggle of 40K stuff to paint but there's no rush on it (according to the owner) but that could change so project and time management may become essential.

Only paint for yourself if you've got the time, you may have to sacrifice a tourney or turn away work but get that job done and DON"T drop your standards I did this once and I felt dirty and to this day it's high quality or no dice.

If you have any helpful hints or tips let me know in the comments below. Also if you want a quote for anything let me know my email is

Happy Wargaming!


daemion said...

Paint my legion of the damned for that stupid tournament I have in june? :) stick it on my tab....

Daniel Linder said...

I would've had you not taken it home

Itsacoyote said...

Just curious, how did you manage to break three airbrushes? They're fairly sturdy for the most part.

Daniel Linder said...

Cheap and nasty airbrushes however the Sotar 20/20 seems to have fixed itself