Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Warzone Resurrection a series of unfortunate events

Holy cow it finally arrived after Prodo's suffered from Fraud, Flooding, F*cking couriers, Sickness, Machine breakdown and whatever else ruined their deadline. These are, however, the risks you take on with any Kickstarter but it is here now and I was one of the last to receive mine so let us review.

The rulebook is just under 300 pages long it's well constructed and looks to be rugged enough to dragged out often.

The first 25 pages are fluff the next section is the actual rules and so far seems easy to follow following on from this you've got the lists and special unit rules.

 One thing the book is missing is a painting guide but this is more than made up for with the awesome artwork both new and some from 20+ years ago.

Overall it flows well, looks good and seems durable.

The miniatures have come a long way from the 90's. If you remember the 90's you'll remember chunky mini's made of depleted uranium and hilarious paint jobs we've come along way since 20 odd years ago.

Although not ideal the mini's are made in a blue resin, I do believe they told the kickstarters they would get plastic toys, and are very well detailed. Below are some awesomely painted toys.

The future has another race/nationality/megacorp Imperial on the way and they do look very nice in renders so far. There's 7 forces available in Warzone Resurrection they are Capitol Corp, Bauhaus Corp, Mishima Corp, Cybertronic Corp, The Brotherhood, The Dark Legion and the upcoming Imperials.

What else? Hows about an RPG? It looks good from what I've heard made by the same folks who made Achtung Cthulhu here watch this video also there's like 4 days left so support it!