Saturday, January 10, 2015

Product Review : Battlefield in a Box Shattered Battlefield

While picking up Battlefield in a Box: Large Craters and Ruined House I got myself a a Shattered Battlefield. This box like the previous one was designed for use with the Great War supplement which as you know is designed to be played on a smaller table. I will most likely (read as I will) be using to supplement my already quite large terrain collection.

I like this set because it adds a bit more variety to the battlefield than just complete forests and happy wheat fields. The shattered woods and muddy ground should create a hazard for tanks and some concealment for infantry.

Just looking at the box and looking at what's inside it seems you get 4 shattered woods and muddy grounds and as I'm writing this I had an idea. If you were lucky enough to get BF's pine forests or a set of the plentiful autumn woods you can take one of the trees out of the set and add one of the shattered wood (We generally count everything on the brown oval things as forest) thus stretching your forests even further and saving you money to buy more tanks.

Or you could make your own terrain...