Monday, April 20, 2015

My Bolt Action Marines All Done!

So after a couple of weeks of casual painting I completed my 750 point USMC List for the Auckland Open although I didn't win I got 2 draws and one loss also a new found respect for Artillery after learning about it's ability to fire over open sights much nastyness.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the event because I felt ridiculously sick and forgot my camera and I didn't want to subject you to my phone camera. I also need to make another photobooth!

Below are the glorious 750 points of Marines 

The Whole Force

My Veteran Assault Squad with Shotguns, Pistols and SMG's

My Regular Squad with a BAR

The Boss (1st LT) and his assistant

My favourite The Medic (didn't save anyone)

Regular Sniper good for making NCO's go pop!

Regular MMG 

Regular Bazooka team 

The inexperienced Mortar team

My Regular M4 Sherman 

3 40mm Objectives

I hope you enjoyed this adventure in the Pacific for any painting queries or commission requests please email


Mad Monty said...

Nice work Dan they look great. I too have a US list and a British Para which is just about finished