Friday, April 24, 2015

Product Review: Rubicon 28mm 1/56th Scale Tiger 1E

So a friend wanted a Tiger for his Bolt Action force, don't ask just..nevermind, so he arranged for a Tiger to be ordered now I intercepted it before he could get it so I set about looking at it an putting it together.

Now what you get for your $40ish dollars is a really nicely detailed kit with options for and Early Tiger, A Desert Tiger with Air filters or a late war Tiger a set of decals and some very easy to follow instructions. This vehicle is non Zimmerit.

This isn't mine I didn't take WIP pics I was too excited

The track wheels and running gear are a dream to assemble coming as part of the track itself no fiddly semi rubber track here once this is on the rest of the tank takes about 20 minutes to assemble. The vehicle itself doesn't have a commander but that's okay.

I spent a couple of hours painting and weathering this beast and it's come up tops surprisingly I'm finding this 28mm stuff good fun to paint I hope you enjoyed this short review. For any painting queries or commission requests please email