Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ho ho ho I've got a Machine Gun!

Merry Christmas fellow readers I should've timed this just right so that the majority of my readers are still celebrating Christmas. I had a short sweet Christmas here nothing to related was received although I got a few more gardening books, my other other hobby, fortunately no socks and undies this year although my sister tells me there's presents for me at her house so I could be in luck.

So as I have the middle of the week off I'm going to carry on painting, like you all should be, I have to paint two mini's for Malifaux by February and some Warmachine stuff by March. I'm not sure if there's going to be and Early & Mid war Flames of War GT in Auckland (see my ragey posts a few months back) Either way I'd like at least the Mid War GT to happen because everyone loves Mid War well that's enough from me have a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.



Robert Wood said...

I match your Machine Gun and raise you a Quad 85mm AA on a Heavy Tank... now that's a Merry Christmas