Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sh*t Everywhere! Product Review

Obviously not my desk I'm a team Jacob guy!

Hello everyone and glorious weekend to you all! My name is Daniel Linder and I have a messy desk. My desk is covered in shit paint, mini's, glues and other strange chemicals that I'm sure if mixed right would explode.

Now it never used to be this bad I had some Vallejo, Tamiya and GW paints. However Slave to Painting started selling Vallejo Air and I picked up 50 Reaper paints for $100 so I've ended up with 400 odd paints and no friggin painting room.

Then I remembered I'd seen a few of my friends liking something on Facebook called Back 2 Base-ix Wargaming Products and they sell some awesome stuff their main product is paint holders random pic below.

I've added these guys in the links on the right.
Despite the prices they are a must have for any wargamer and to be honest disposable income is what the hobby is all about and if you think dropping $50-$60 on an organiser is bad just ask the missus how much Lash recovery serum is not to mention they probably got their eyebrows done and tinted at the same time (It's $150 for the serum and $70 for the eyebrows).
I Purchased the Wall Climber in MDF, I LOVE THE SMELL OF LASER CUT WOOD IN THE MORNING!!!!, and it was so awesome I got 2! By the looks of things they're offering free shipping too wow you're going to be some lucky geeks this Christmas.

I still need another 2!
They can also stack on top of one another and come with an instructional DVD, which I didn't need cos I'm awesome, As you can see I've tried to arrange the paints by shade but I've already taken a bunch out so no doubt this'll be messy as all hell again soon. So once again I've added their link in the Stores and Shops section and any of these products would be a great help to any modeller/wargamer. 


The Kiwi said...

I got a desk tidy paint rack product from them a while back and my painting table thanks me for it.
It is a lot quicker to find paints now. :)